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At Security Reconnaissance Team our mission is to provide our clients with the best service possible. We believe our mission goes beyond traditional security services and encompasses a wide variety of elements fundamental to the daily operations of our clients. That is why we have partnered with SilverTrac Software and integrated their unique system into our operations.

Here at SRT we strive to offer our clients the best innovations to make their jobs easier. Partnering with SilverTrac and implementing their real time reporting software gives us that capability. For example, we now offer our clients:

  • Fully Customizable Chain of Escalation
  • Vendor Management
  • Parking Books Updated in Real Time 24/7
  • Daily Activity Reports in Proactive Liability and Risk Terms
  • Fire Watch Integration
  • Integrated GPS Date and Time Stamps on Reports and Maps
  • QR Codes Pertaining to Task Assignment, Safety Bulletins, and Task Completion

Implementing SilverTrac’s 3 in 1 Real Time Reporting modules allows us to now transparently and instantly provide our clients with security, safety, maintenance and parking solutions that they never thought possible.

Our accountability is second to none with complete 24/7 transparency, GPS date and time stamping on all incidents, and instant access to all reporting as incidents occur.

These features and so many others give Security Reconnaissance Team the service and reporting capabilities that are unmatched in the security industry.

Officer Tracking

Every interaction with a handheld device is GPS, date, and time-stamped. That means that each time an issue is submitted, a task is received, or a QR code is scanned, we are able to verify our officer’s location on a property. SilverTrac utilizes Quick-Response (QR) technology to verify officer locations and streamline the reporting process.

However, with all of the additional tools SilverTrac provides, accountability is just the foundation. Shortening the reporting process encourages officers to submit more issues and further assist in the discovery of risk and liability concerns. Without spending extra time handwriting reports our officers can focus on what matters most, the safety and protection of our client’s property.

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